Can’t win for losing

A friend invited me to Chicago with her next weekend. I declined because I’m a little on the broke side right now — I just had to pay that $350 in car repairs, plus I’ve got balances I owe on doctor’s bill that the insurance didn’t cover. Plus, every spare cent I have is going into my “Visit Emily” fund, so I wasn’t about to take out a big chunk of the tiny savings I have for that trip already. It would’ve been fun, I haven’t traveled with her in quite a while, but my finances just wouldn’t allow it.

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, to try and find out what’s going on with these chronic migraines I’ve been having. Sure, the meds I’m on work, but @ $90 a month for meds JUST for migraines is a little too much. I’d rather find out what’s causing them and treat that, instead of treating just the migraines. So. I came into work this morning, and my car acted slightly funny when I started it, but after that it was fine. About 20 minutes ago, I got in the car to leave for my doctor’s appointment. Car won’t start. Won’t even attempt to turn over. Nada zip zilch nothing.

I’m PRAYING it has something to do with the new stereo that my brother installed; maybe it was wired wrong and drained the battery. With my luck, though, it’ll be the alternator. I can’t afford more damn car repairs. :-\

ETA: I called a local Autozone by my house to find out if there was a charge for testing the battery. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, I’d like to know if you charge to test batteries for bad cells?
Clerk: Yes
Me: How much is it?
Clerk: It’s free. We test them for free.
Me: (surpressing giggles) Okay, thank you!

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