"Are you def yet?"

I managed to do a little finagling, and get my birthday present almost a month early this year. I decided that I wanted a new stereo for my car. Thanks to mail-in rebates and other discounts, I managed to even get a deal for my mother, so she saved a good chunk of money on the gift.

What did I choose? I decided I wanted to upgrade to a new HD stereo, so I chose the HDR1 from JVC. Thanks to the deal at Crutchfield, mom was also able to add on the iPod adapter at half price. So now I can have my iPod plugged directly in, and not have to deal with the crappy broadcasting it over the radio to listen to it. Yay!

When I told my little brother I was getting this as a gift, I asked him to install it for me. More specifically, I told him that if he installed it, I would consider that his birthday gift to me. That way he wouldn’t have to spend a dime on a gift for me. The stereo arrived in the mail yesterday, and Aaron just installed it tonight. He finished about an hour ago. I haven’t been out to listen to it yet – that comes tomorrow morning – but I’m one happy camper. New stereo, with ipod controls. Whee!

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