I'll be working here forever, at least until I die

And so it begins. Tuesday, I started training one of my co-workers to do my job. Not to replace me, or anything. Just so that when I want to have vacation – it’s not a problem. I’ve got one of those pesky highly important jobs – for some reason our vendors seem to get pissy when we don’t mail them their checks on time. Checks have to be mailed out every single day, so there’s got to be someone doing my job every single day. Oh what fun! As it stands right now, if I’m out sick or on vacation, one of my higher-ups (the one who is my unofficial boss) has to come in here and cover the position.

Since Tuesday and Thursday are “slow” check run days, we’re starting training off on those days. Today she’s supposed to get a whirl, trying to do it herself. She and I don’t get along a lot of the time, and she’s already rubbing me the wrong way. Tuesday was fine. Today? She disappeared. She knows we have the info to start the run – and just took off. Um, we’ve got to get this done and out the door, everything is to be sent FedEx today. About 30 minutes after the check run was ready, she showed up. Sigh. <sarcasm> This is going to be OH SO MUCH FUN!!! </sarcasm>

Of course, I’ve got to keep reminding myself that her learning this is a good thing. It means I get to take vacations without having to worry as much about who will fill in while I’m gone. If I repeat that to myself often enough… maybe it’ll make it bearable. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “I'll be working here forever, at least until I die”

  1. My email ate me again :'(

    If she pulls the same stunt again next Tuesday, tell your boss. If you haven’t already, that is. 😉 They need to know, because if she’s pulling this shit now when you’re still around to see her, what’s gonna happen when you DO go away? Is your stuff gonna get done at all?

    And I’ll fully admit that I was surprised when you said you were training her. Since, well, from what I’ve heard, she’s not the best choice?

    And yes, her learning is a good thing. I hope.

  2. It didn’t. I was training more. 😉

    I didn’t today, but she doesn’t quite yet understand the importance of this. It doesn’t *seem* like much of anything – but considering the volume of money going in and out of here on a daily basis…haha. And yes. When I’m gone? This stuff HAS to be done. If she doesn’t understand it before then – she’ll quickly learn. Because there will be people all over her telling her to do it. 😉 If she misses even one day for whatever reason, she’ll hear about it. But they won’t let her miss that much. haha.

    I know. 😉 She’s not the best choice, per se… she’s just the only choice? With all the lay offs – there’s only 3 of us now. I’m already cross-trained and doing 2 jobs on a daily basis – same with Sandy. Kim’s the only one not cross-trained with any other position.

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