About Me

Name: Keiran
Nickname: Too many to list here. (See here instead.)
Location: Dallas, Texas
Birthdate: August 8. 9:43pm
Zodiac: Leo (Pisces rising). Wood Tiger.
Enneagram: Four.

I’ve never exactly been great at writing “about me” blurbs. Well, I can write about me from sunrise to sunset, but writing something that gives you a nice quick view of me – I suck at that. Brevity simply isn’t one of my strong points.

So, who am I, aside from long-winded? I am an auburn-haired, hazel-eyed woman from the Dallas, Texas area. I work for a local school district, in the Accounts Payable department. I get to pay the bills to help keep the schools running.

I’m very bad at starting things, but never finishing them. Procrastination is my middle name. 😉 In that vein, I’ve started this about me page, but I’m not sure when I’ll remember to finish it.