Sitting in the darkness, popcorn on your knee

I went to see “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” this weekend. I can definitely say I enjoyed it, and cannot wait until the final installment next year. Trying to keep my comments as “spoiler-free” as possible for the current movie – have to add one thing. More than the obvious “big” questions that will be answered with part 3 – there’s one lesser “emotional” issue I am looking forward to seeing continued – I want to see how that plays out in interactions, what problems it will cause, etc. And in semi-related news – I plead the Fifth on whether or not I downloaded the Dead Man’s Chest game for my cell phone. But, if I had downloaded it, I could safely say I have not played it yet. But. Well. You know. I’m not saying if I did or not. 😉

Oh. One more comment on the movie – I don’t consider it spoilery, it’s actually probably pointless. It just amused me. When they list the cast? They only list Depp as “Jack Sparrow”. Yet several times in the movie when anyone calls him that – they’re corrected with the addition of “Captain”. Gee. “Captain” is important in the movie, but not the credits? Haha.

During the previews, I was surprised to discover that the “Transformers” has been turned into a live-action movie, that will be opening July 4, 2007. Is there anything from the 80’s that they won’t try to turn into a current movie? I’ll fully admit, I only watched a few of the cartoons. That was more my little brother’s thing. But I LOVED the action figures, and had several of my own I played with. I doubt I’ll go see the movie when it comes out, but I do admit to being a tiny bit curious as to how the transformers are going to look.

My Netflix queue seems to have stalled for a while. I go through spurts where I want to watch movies like crazy, watching 1-2 movies a night. Then just as quick as that urge came on, suddenly I can’t be bothered to watch a single thing. I’ll keep the movies I have from Netflix for a month or three before finally watching them. Thank god they don’t have late fees! Hopefully I can force myself to start watching them again this weekend, start making that queue move again.

5 thoughts on “Sitting in the darkness, popcorn on your knee”

  1. Hahaha Transformers.

    Well, you won’t have me around to bother you this weekend so you can watch movies til your heart’s content.

  2. I still can’t decide if that scares me or not.

    :p You don’t bother me. And just because you’re not around, doesn’t mean I will watch them. I might start painting, after all. And I’m having the hardest time finding images of the style of paintings I’m gonna do online … but I can find the pictures in the stores all the time. Grr.

  3. Hahah it just makes me laugh.

    :p I do sometimes. And okay, yaeh, but you can’t use me as an excuse? Or something 😉 Awww I hate when that happens.

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