Just enough money for my gas and oil

I took my car into the dealership on Saturday for an oil change, only to discover that my oil pan is badly beat up and needs to be replaced. I can honestly say I do not recall ever bottoming out in my car – so I’m not really sure how that happened (unless it happened while the dealership had it to do body work after my accidents). The dealership was going to charge us almost TWICE what my local/normal mechanic would charge, so we made arrangements to take it up there to have the work done.

Because of crazy schedules at the moment, we weren’t able to leave my car up there until after close of business yesterday. The guy I spoke with said the car would be fine outside, and that I could toss my keys up under a small hole in the bay door for them to find in the morning.

I called there this morning to check and make sure they found the keys, and Kirby answered. His response was “Yeah, we found the keys – but not your car.” Hahah. But, all kidding aside, he said it’d be done tonight. Good. I’ve had my new radio installed for 4 days now and I’ve barely been able to use it! 😉

And, something completely unrelated…I hate when people don’t follow rules; esp when they’re the ones who make them. Bank of America was here today, and they did a drawing at 3:00pm to win free money. The email about the promotion today said “must be present to win”. They picked a name, he wasn’t present, they decide to try to call him. The large crowd in the lobby starts booing and hissing, of course. We all point out that it said “must be PRESENT”. She’s all “oh, well, he has to be in the building”. He wasn’t at his desk either. So we’re all still trying to get her to draw another name.

By pure chance, the winner guy is spotted in the parking garage right then, walking towards the building. We all point out he is NOT in the building. She doesn’t care, and allows him to still be the winner. Um… she just said that “must be present” meant “in the building”. He was NOT present and he was NOT in the building – that sounds like he completely doesn’t qualify to me. As many people vocalized, if we had all known that we didn’t have to “be present”, we would’ve stayed at our desks, since we all had work to do. The only reason we were down there was because it said “must be present.”

Gee. And the point of BoA being here today was to get us to switch to their bank. If they keep changing rules like that for a simple promotion – who’s to say they won’t do similar crap to my bank account? That inspires zero confidence in them to me. In fact, I think I did bank with them once upon a time, and they jerked me around. I sure won’t be leaving my bank for them.

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