You don’t have to be picture perfect

Little by little, my room is becoming very vacant. I already did a ton of cleaning, going through boxes of crap and sorting out what I did and didn’t actually *need* a few months ago, prior to Emily’s visit. Now I’m going through the last remaining boxes, plus I’m moving all the furniture out of my bedroom and into the spare room. Eventually, everything will come out of my room so we can lay new flooring. But for now, I’m getting enough furniture out of the room so we don’t have to keep moving things around while we’re painting the ceiling and walls. It’s strange seeing my room emptied out little by little; but it’s also … invigorating. Freeing. So much baggage disappearing, that I didn’t even realise was there. I have a hunch I’m going to end up going through the boxes of things I kept yet again, likely trashing/donating/recycling even more. The less junk I have, the better, right?

Granted, we’re going to have to do the painting process all over again, possibly next year. Right now we’re getting the house fixed up, then we hope to move around the first of the year; if we’ve found a new house that we like in a good location. But, by then, I’ll know how much I like this new color scheme and if I want it in my new bedroom, or want to do something completely different. I have a hunch I’m going to keep it though. The Seaside Sand color does look a lot like sand, and reminds me of some incredibly happy times last year. Surrounding myself with things and colors that evoke happy memories is a good way to keep myself in good spirits. It’s one reason I have one of the paintings that was painted especially for me here at work, and the other just above my computer monitor at home.

And on a completely different note… over the last week, my bird has laid another clutch of eggs. Three of ’em, this time around. We thought we had removed the trigger. Apparently not. Now we have to figure out what’s in the cage or environment making her want to lay the eggs. Silly bird.

ETA: The bird laid yet another egg at 6:30 pm. That brings her total up to 6 eggs over the last few months.

6 thoughts on “You don’t have to be picture perfect”

  1. Very vacant can be a weird thing when it comes to your room. I like it though. It usually symbolises something good. And yes, the less junk you have, the better. But the better orgainised junk, is the less junk. 😉

    I like your house. And you’re making me jealous with all this talk of moving :p I wanna move! And I want new furniture and painted walls and decorating and yes… I need a happier place to live. And good spirits are very important.

    Your bird is crazy.

  2. Haha. It can, esp when it was filled with junk. 😉 I think it definitely does here. Cleansing myself of all the old, moving on with the new and better. 🙂 Organized? What’s that?!

    I used to like it, before those stairs became an obstacle. It’s spoiled me though. I know it’s going to be very difficult to find a new/newer house with rooms as big as what we have now. You should move! 😉 Miss Almost Permanent. haha. But yes, you do need a happier place.

    Hahhahaa yes.

  3. Hahah yeah, the first few times I moved, it was weird how creepily empty things became. And I realised I didn’t miss a lot of it either hahaha :-$ So yes, that makes me a packrat. Cleansing ou the old, making room for the new. Hahaha I wish I was an organizer for real.

    Yeah, most houses have stairs though. 😉 The only houses you’ll find around here are riddled with them, since the land is so small.
    I should, but I dunno if I will. I want to. Almost isn’t close enough though. :p

  4. So, you’re saying you’re an old pro at moving now? 😉 Out of everything I’ve gotten rid of so far, I can’t think of anything I miss. Heh. I’m a total packrat too. 😉 You’re better at it than I am.

    😛 One stories don’t! And we’re going to move into a single story. So there! :p haha. We don’t need a lot of land any more, either. Just enough room for the pups to do their thing.

    Almost is closer than not-almost? Or something along those lines.

  5. Well, maybe not an old pro at it. :p I’ve moved… only 4 times so far. So yes :p And yeah, when I was moving the last few times… it was hard to remember what I’d even gotten rid of. I like those days where I’m angry at the world and just throw a whole bunch of stuff out. heh.

    See, our demographics are completely different. There aren’t any single stories around here, unless you’re moving into an apartment or a condo :p And land is one thing that there’s not much of around here.

    I guess we’ll see.

  6. Well, you’re more of a pro than I am! Haha. I can’t even remember much of anything I got rid of either. So that’s good. 🙂

    But that also shows why your mass transit is more efficient than ours. 😉 Everything here just sprawls too damn much. Ha.

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