Please forward to the new address

Finally it’s moving day for me. They FINALLY decided where they’re moving my dept and we get to move in now. Yay! Last time I mentioned the move (on April 26), we were going to be moving to the first floor. Oh how many things have changed since then!!

After they decided they wasn’t going to be room for us on 1, we were going to be moved to 4. (Keep in mind, there are only 5 people in my dept, 2 of us need offices.) Then some of the other people they were moving to 1, there wasn’t going to be room for them either, so they were bumped to 4, too. Which meant there likely wasn’t going to be room for the 5 of us. They wanted to split us up – 2 on the 3rd floor, the other 3 on the 4th floor. Um. That doesn’t work, we all interact on a very regular basis with paperwork, etc.

So, then, they were going to put us on the 7th floor. Whoever we found to rent out the bank building decided they wanted to rent the 1st floor of the Tower, too. Which means all the people who had JUST moved down to 1, had to move BACK up to 7. During this time, the people who moved on to 4, had decided to take the offices that were going to be me & my boss’, if we ended up moving to 4. They finally decided we ARE moving to the 4th floor, and they had to kick out the people who took our offices so we could have them back. haha.

Most of my department moved down to 4 yesterday. I couldn’t move — my office has to be restricted access, and they hadn’t yet set up a badge reader on the door for me. They did that yesterday, and started building a cube desk into the office for me. They were still working on that this morning, and they moved down my massive safe this morning too. I think they are done in there, so I should be able to start moving this afternoon, unless something else comes up. My boss was very nice, though, and he decided to stay up here with me until I’m able to move, so I don’t have to be all alone. Hee!! I almost didn’t get to move until next week because they thought my office was also tied into the building’s silent alarm. But, what they thought was part of the alarm system was something else altogether. Which is good, since we didn’t have to wait on MORE wiring for that to be done before I could move.

Yesterday afternoon, I started packing up some of my stuff that I wouldn’t need today. We have these moving dollies that are 4 feet tall, 4 feet long, and 2 feet deep – with two shelves. JUST the supplies from my office plus my spare printer completely filled that up. And that’s only the stuff that is office supplies!!!! I haven’t even touched the 2 computer systems I use on a daily basis, or my check sealer, or my personal stuff! <sarcasm>I am going to have SO MUCH FUN moving today whee!</sarcasm> I’m going to attach a pic of the dolly of supplies at the end of this. (I probably shouldn’t have, but I adjusted the color on the pic. This monitor is way too dark, though, so I probably brightened it too much. If I did, I’ll fix it tonight.)

I still am having issues with my arm from my tendonitis. I got a cortisone shot on Tuesday, but that hasn’t helped much. (I’ll go more into all of that stuff at a later time though, when I have more time.) So, with my arm sore, my knees bad… moving this heavy stuff is gonna be fun. Thankfully, my 2 good coworkers both just offered to help me after lunch. That was very nice of them, and will make things a lot easier on me.

I have to go get packing again, so it’s cut time for that picture. Horoscope behind the cut too, just because I can. 😉

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): The geography of your heart is evolving. In places, coastlines are disappearing. Elsewhere, new islands have risen out of the sea. Boundaries are shifting, as some nations dissolve and others are born. Even the climate is changing, with warm winds blowing where once there was year-round chill, and monsoon-like conditions invading desert ecosystems. Roads that formerly led to the center of the action no longer do, and highways that used to be peripheral are now main routes. I suggest you take note of all this by redrawing your map, Leo. Get up to date with your heart’s new landscapes.

I kinda like the sound of that. It’s time for some more changes.

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