I saw the sign

We have a staff meeting this afternoon, to talk about the work load. The ECWFH didn’t help out any last week on the work, (per usual) and I was the one to do all of the work. Yet she thinks I’m “not doing enough” to “help her” do the work. I’m doing my work plus the work of the coworker that was laid off. She needs to help me, because I can’t do it all. So this is going to be a FUN meeting. I went through and put together some charts of work load to hand out to everyone. I also have been keeping a log for the past few weeks of all the work I do vs what is to be done, to cover my own ass. So I’ve got that on my side, too, to show I’ve been doing it all.

But. The funny for it is my horoscope for today: “Leo: Have you been thinking about changing your career? Today is a great day to start.” Hmmm. I just might need to look into that. hah.

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