It ain’t the fall that’ll kill you baby, it’s the sudden stop

I know, I know. Most of my entries lately have centered around work (which is getting better right now – YAY!). And the bulk of this entry is likely to be about pain, my other common topic. I really do need to find better things to write about. Of course, I have been a very bad & flaky best friend, and still haven’t written about vacation taken in April, or even finished my vacation recap entry from last year. I need to do that. I know it.

I got to see Serenity on the big screen again over the weekend. Sure, I have the DVD and can watch it whenever — but nothing beats seeing it in the theater. And yup, I’m going to be a total geek and go see Transformers next week.

In just @ 38 days, I’ll be off to Canada again to visit my best friend. Mom is tagging along for a couple of days, she wants to see Toronto, and we’re going to have a great big family trip down to Niagara Falls while she’s there. Then it’ll be just me & Emily getting to run around creating havoc, if we so choose. Haha.

In the meantime, though, I’m looking at another slate of doctor visits. My tailbone is acting up again, driving me insane. (My tailbone is dislocated and arthritic. WHAT FUN! *cough*) When I had my follow up visit for the tendonitis in my arm, the doc gave me a general cortisone injection. That was nice; it even took the pain from my knees & tailbone away for a few weeks, in addition to helping out my arm. Bad part, it’s wearing off and the tailbone pain is worse than ever. I’m having issues even sitting today – I want to be at home in bed and not in this chair at work. Even my chair at home would be nice; it’s more comfortable than this. Only 4 more hours. I’ve got a visit with the orthopedist tomorrow and the pain management doc on Thursday. I’m likely looking at being knocked out again to get another localized cortisone injection. I hope that one lasts longer than 5 months! If that is the doctors suggestion hope that I can get that scheduled ASAP. There’s no way on earth I could sit for 3+ hours on an airplane with this kind of pain. It was just starting to hurt when I was traveling last October and that was uncomfortable. The way I’m hurting now would be a nightmare. Sigh.

I was going to ramble more, but I just can’t sit still and focus well enough to do so. Maybe next time.

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