I guess I’m feeling just a little tired of this

It figures. I mentioned my tendancy towards tendonitis last week, and now it’s driving me crazy once again. To be fair, I was starting to have twinges at the beginning of last week, and writing all that out about work Thursday definitely didn’t help things. That was when the twinges got a little worse.

It’s flared up more now, pain radiating from my shoulder to my fingers. It’s worse in some places (ie all the joints), but it also hurts in the muscles in my arms. I already called this morning and got a doc’s appt for tomorrow. This is a new doc (can’t see the old thanks to insurance changes), so I’m hoping she’s good. She was recommended by another of my docs, and she got good feedback on ratemds.com, so I’m hoping that bodes well.

I swear. I would love a year without pain or other medical crap. Hell, who am I kidding? Even a month would be nice. I’m sick and tired of being sore, sick, and tired.

Randomly: I saw Hot Fuzz on Sunday morning. That was hilarious. Go see it.

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