Work all day, work all night

Yesterday, we had a farewell lunch for my boss. During that, we were talking about our building & cost of rent and utilities, since we are going to be consolidating onto lower floors of the building.

One of the funny ideas/suggestions was that we all just live here. They keep the entire building for us, and have us work on floors 1-6, and then 7-10 become “living quarters”. Something about splitting some of the cost of the rent with the employees, and that how then we could get a break on taxes since it would be a “home business” since we live here, etc. Plus, we’d all save a lot of money on gas, rent, etc.

And that segued into an idea for a reality show: “The Tower”. And the premise would be that all corporate employees are forced to live here until we can make the company profitable again. On Saturdays/Sundays, we would have “play days”, and families could come visit, and sometimes they’d turn the top of the parking garage into a place to party, hiring a band to play for us, etc, as “rewards.” And, of course, selling the show to TV would get a nice little cash infusion into the company to help us on our way to profitibality, plus it’d help to fund conversion of the top floors to living quarters, adding showers, etc.

A fight would SO break out within the first week if we all had to live together. hahah.

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