I’m in the middle of a chain reaction

Yesterday I had a very mild reaction to a new fabric softener we used. Luckily, it was just a reaction to the scent, and it only made me a little itchy and slightly difficult to breathe. But I made it the whole day at work then came home and rewashed all my clothes with the trusty old fabric softener. There’s still a tiny bit of the scent, so they might need another washing, but it’s a major improvement.

Had a dentist appt earlier this afternoon. Kevin (dentist) and I were talking about how long it’s been since I’ve been coming to see him, and he was telling Kim (tech) that my dad was one of his top patients when he was going through dental school. That was roughly 17 years ago — Kevin was putting himself through dental school as a limo driver for Jerry Jones back then. Once he opened his own practice, the whole family started going to see him. Currently, I’m the only person still seeing him, since he’s not on mom or Aaron’s insurance any more.

I don’t know why I’m rambling about that. I’m in a rambly mood. I’m still a little loopy from the laughing gas at the dentist. It was almost a disaster when I was trying to make dinner tonight. I thought I grabbed a can of chili and started opening it — only to slosh liquid all over myself. Turned out I grabbed a can of pork & beans. Oops? I had trouble opening the cans, too. Apparently you actually have to open the can opener to fit it over the lip of the can. You can’t just force the can between the two blade bits! Imagine that! Hah. Luckily it’s only my top lip that is still numb … so eating isn’t a disaster, too.

Hmm. It’s time for American Idol. Guess I should go. GO BLAKE!

ETA: My cat, Mali, is sitting in her normal spot behind the monitor. When Blake started singing “This Love” – she peaked out from behind the monitor and stared at the tv. Hee!!

2 thoughts on “I’m in the middle of a chain reaction”

  1. *pets* At least it was only a mild reaction.

    Ooops, silly girl and her can disasters. ahha.

    I still have this feeling it’s goodbye Blake tonight.

  2. *purrrrs* That’s very true.

    Hahaha. Yes. I’m a walking talking disaster!

    Yeah. I’m not going to be surprised if he goes. I mean, it IS final 3, and that’s pretty damn good to make it that far. And I’m sure we’ll hear tons of him afterwards.

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