Who am I and who are you and who are we?

Mom is in the process of applying for US Citizenship (she’s British, living here as a legal alien). For the past week or so, I’ve been quizzing her daily on the questions, and she’s been working on filling out the application. This weekend she’s been gathering all the additional documentation she needs to provide with her application. One of the things mom needed was a copy of my dad’s death certificate.

When she was going through the files from my dad’s death, she came across the sympathy cards we received, and was looking through them. She noticed something that we apparently missed completely 5 years ago. The inside of one of the cards was addressed to “Linda, Kerri, and Kevin”. I’m assuming that I am supposed to be Kerri, and my brother Aaron would be the Kevin. (Although, I do get a lot of mail addressed to Kevin.) At least they got my mom’s name right. The funnier/sadder bit — this card was from cousins. People who SHOULD know our names.

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  1. Just curious, but how much is it to apply for citizenship? I have a friend from Germany (also a legal alien) that wants to apply and I think she was worried about the cost.

  2. If I remember correctly, there was a fee for $330, and another for $70. So roughly $400. However — Bush is trying to get the fee raised to over $900. It’s expensive now, but if he gets his way it’ll be a lot worse. :\

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