It’s been 7 years today since my dad passed away. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been a lot longer. Other times – it feels like it was very recent. Lately, it’s been feeling very recent. In remembrance, I want to link to a post I made later that year – scans of a letter about my dad that we received in a Christmas card.

I am currently filling out some new patient paperwork for my ob/gyn appointment on Friday. There is a section listed as “Contraception: Which method do you use to prevent pregancy?” One of the choices I can pick from is “Female partner.” Now, yes, I know how biology works and all, and that 2 women can’t knock each other up. I just wasn’t aware that having a female partner was a FORM of contraception — like something you can pick up at the pharmacy counter. *giggles*

I have a dental appointment tomorrow – just a cleaning. But it’ll set up another long series of dental appointments. I have to have work done on both of my upper cuspids, as well as a molar or two. Ugh. Friday, in addition to my gyno appt, I have the first in a series of Euflexxa shots in my knees. I’ll have to get those the next 3 weeks in a row. I hope they don’t hurt too bad.

I’m .. rambly tonight, but I don’t have anything to ramble about. Not really.

Rest in Peace, Nana.

My Nana (mom’s mom) just passed away.

She’s had a rough past few months, a couple minor strokes, massive dehydration, anemia, etc. She was hospitalized a few times with all these issues. Then, last weekend, she was taken back into the hospital. They diagnosed her with pancreatic cancer, and apparently it was pretty severe, because the doc told my uncle that she could have a day, maybe a week, left to live.

Mom originally was supposed to be going to England next month to visit her family. We’ve been working hard to get her flights changed, get her packed, etc so that she could get there this week instead. We were hoping she could make it there before Nana passed, but time just wasn’t on our side. Mom’s flight leaves in @ 5 hours, and gets her to London at @ 11am – then she has to travel a few more hours to get to Framlingham. While she wasn’t able to make it there in time to say goodbye, at least she’ll be there for the funeral. :-/

I wish I could go, but I can’t afford the trip. 🙁 I have the ability to travel, since I’m still unemployed, but since I don’t have a job, I can’t afford to spend the $$ on the flight. And the exchange rate is so bad right now, that even if I could afford the plane ticket, I couldn’t afford to have any kind of money for expenses while there. (Case in point – I bought mom money yesterday. $995.06 got her £475. Yipes!) Someone needs to stay home with the animals, and my brother won’t care for them, so that leaves me, anyway.

I only ever met my Nana once. It was just a couple months before my 10th birthday, and we stayed in Framlingham for a month. So it’s been a very long time. Mom’s been back to England a few times since then, but I’ve never been able to afford the trip, or get the time off. 🙁