It’s been 7 years today since my dad passed away. Sometimes, it feels like it’s been a lot longer. Other times – it feels like it was very recent. Lately, it’s been feeling very recent. In remembrance, I want to link to a post I made later that year – scans of a letter about my dad that we received in a Christmas card.

I am currently filling out some new patient paperwork for my ob/gyn appointment on Friday. There is a section listed as “Contraception: Which method do you use to prevent pregancy?” One of the choices I can pick from is “Female partner.” Now, yes, I know how biology works and all, and that 2 women can’t knock each other up. I just wasn’t aware that having a female partner was a FORM of contraception — like something you can pick up at the pharmacy counter. *giggles*

I have a dental appointment tomorrow – just a cleaning. But it’ll set up another long series of dental appointments. I have to have work done on both of my upper cuspids, as well as a molar or two. Ugh. Friday, in addition to my gyno appt, I have the first in a series of Euflexxa shots in my knees. I’ll have to get those the next 3 weeks in a row. I hope they don’t hurt too bad.

I’m .. rambly tonight, but I don’t have anything to ramble about. Not really.

He’d make me laugh just to comfort me

Friday (April 6) marked 5 years since my dad’s death. Sometimes it still feels so recent, others it feels like he’s been gone for decades. Mom and I drove out to Marshall on Saturday to put flowers on his grave. We probably should have stopped to visit with family, but we got to town a lot later than usual, and we were both injured and just wanted to go there and back. (Ma tripped over one of the dogs on Friday night and landed on her right knee that she had already injured just @ 2 weeks before.)

Mom talked to Grandma the other night, and we’re going out to dinner with her this weekend. According to Grandma, my aunt Cookie is working on alienating her daughters. The strokes she had last year have made her very paranoid, and she keeps accusing my cousins of being after her money. My cousins held power of attorney for her, but she has been so paranoid about them stealing her money that she ended up taking it away from them and giving it to her step-son. I’m not so sure that’s a good choice. I don’t know her step-son at all, and he might very well be a good person; but then again he might not be. All I know about him is that he and his father have been estranged for a very long time, but as Ken’s Alzheimer’s has progressed, the son has come back around and made friendly again. Could be because he genuinely cares about his dad or it could be because he knows his dad is loaded and has one foot in the grave. Again, who knows – certainly not me, since I’ve never met him. But, my point in here is that the son now has Cookie’s power of attorney, and he’s only been in her life a couple of years. We can only hope for the best there. I’m sure we’ll get more details on all the family gossip when we go out to eat w/Grandma.

My leg is getting better, somewhat. Swelling has gone down considerably, but it still has a ways to go. My nerves are still going crazy from being stretched, but hopefully that should return to normal soon. The bruising is already starting to fade, so that’s a plus. It’s still HIGHLY sensitive, though.