Yes. Yes I do indeed have a job. WHEE!

I have now have a badge and employee handbook; and I filled out W-4s and all kinds of other paperwork, and I am an official employee of the RISD. 😀 I still don’t know exactly how much I’m making, but I have a ballpark minimum figure, and I’ll find out the exact dollar amount when I go in again tomorrow to get fingerprinted.

The one thing that made me go O.O is the pay schedule. I get paid just once a month. And, because I’m starting on the first day of a new pay period — I don’t receive my first paycheck until February 27th. Wow. That is a long way away!

Because I’m paraprofessional staff, I do have to take Staff Development classes. Because I’m starting halfway through the school year, I have to have 6 hours of SD completed by April 1. Then, it’s 12 hours per school year. That’s not too bad at all. I haven’t looked up what all is offered yet.


I think I have a job.

HR called today, and had me go up and fill out a form for my background check. I was supposed to get fingerprinted, but they decided they’ll just do that on Thursday.

I am going to say I have the job. Everything implies that I do – it just hasn’t been actually said? I go in for orientation on Thursday morning, and was told I start work on Monday — but I haven’t been “formally” offered the job … and I have no idea what my salary will be. But, since I “start work” on Monday, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that I have the job. Hee!

I’m assuming that stuff like salary and what not will be discussed at orientation on Thursday. Since, you know, things like that would be good to know before I start work. Plus, I am assuming that’s when I fill out all the paperwork, like my W-4 and whatever else makes the job “official”.

Do I or don’t I?

I just got off the phone with H&R Block. They called to schedule an interview with me for today, for a ‘receptionist’ position at one of their locations this tax season. I am scheduled to go in this evening.

I … don’t know what to do. As I’ve said, the job with the school district isn’t 100% positive, since I have to go through HR’s process. So, I don’t want to turn down an interview, just because I “might” have a job, and then not either.

The H&R position is a temporary one, through the tax season. I don’t have anything against temp work – I’m even signed up with a temp agency. However … I’m not really interested in playing receptionist.

I can’t decide — go on the interview for experience, or cancel it because I’m not really interested in being a receptionist, even temporarily.