Do I or don’t I?

I just got off the phone with H&R Block. They called to schedule an interview with me for today, for a ‘receptionist’ position at one of their locations this tax season. I am scheduled to go in this evening.

I … don’t know what to do. As I’ve said, the job with the school district isn’t 100% positive, since I have to go through HR’s process. So, I don’t want to turn down an interview, just because I “might” have a job, and then not either.

The H&R position is a temporary one, through the tax season. I don’t have anything against temp work – I’m even signed up with a temp agency. However … I’m not really interested in playing receptionist.

I can’t decide — go on the interview for experience, or cancel it because I’m not really interested in being a receptionist, even temporarily.

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