Yes. Yes I do indeed have a job. WHEE!

I have now have a badge and employee handbook; and I filled out W-4s and all kinds of other paperwork, and I am an official employee of the RISD. 😀 I still don’t know exactly how much I’m making, but I have a ballpark minimum figure, and I’ll find out the exact dollar amount when I go in again tomorrow to get fingerprinted.

The one thing that made me go O.O is the pay schedule. I get paid just once a month. And, because I’m starting on the first day of a new pay period — I don’t receive my first paycheck until February 27th. Wow. That is a long way away!

Because I’m paraprofessional staff, I do have to take Staff Development classes. Because I’m starting halfway through the school year, I have to have 6 hours of SD completed by April 1. Then, it’s 12 hours per school year. That’s not too bad at all. I haven’t looked up what all is offered yet.


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