Here we go!

Today is the first day of the new job. I’m half surprised I’m actually awake. I mean, I need to be, and it’s a good thing I am — I just have been having a big problem with sleeping and with getting up. My cat is glaring at me from across the room, upset that I’m actually up and planning on going somewhere. She’s gotten used to me being home all day.

I’m all nervous this morning. My mind is racing, absolutely positive that there’s a million things I should be doing .. and yet I can’t think of a single one. Well, except for the obvious one of getting dressed. And that one I’m heading off to do in @ five minutes. I don’t want to get dressed too early, then be sitting around in my nice new pretty clothes, and look all wrinkled when I get there. :[

One of the (many) nice things about this job is how freaking close to the house it is. When I worked at Comp, it was a 15 mile one-way drive (30 miles daily round trip). To this new job? It’s a 7 mile round trip each day. Only 3.5 miles one way. That’s just wonderful – especially in case the gas prices decide to go super evil again. 😉

But. Okay, yup. My 5 minutes are up, so now it’s time to go finish getting ready. Wish me luck!

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