Give me a sign.

To buy refurbished or brand new, that is the question. I need a new iPod. Via work, I can get refurbished ones for cheap. 30GB=$184.45, 60GB=$221.00, or 80GB=$258.00. If I buy new in store (at cost), then it’s 30GB=$217.00, or 80GB=$304.00. And of course if I buy brand new at retail rates (which I wouldn’t do, since I get ’em at cost) then it’s 30GB=$249.99, or 80GB=$349.99.

I need a new iPod. My current iPod mini holds 4GB, and is now “too small” plus it’s starting to break. I technically don’t need 30GB (or more) of space yet, but I know it probably won’t take me too long to fill the 8GB Nano, and the next step up after 8 is the 30. So, long-term wise, it would make more sense for me to get one of the 30-80 ones. Besides. I don’t really like the Nano’s. They are just TOO thin for me. I’m likely to lose something that tiny.

Which brings me back to the 3 iPods listed at the beginning. The 60 & 80 are video. I technically don’t need video, so it’s not a selling point, but I might use it if I had it. I think I’m somewhere @ 20GB of music on my PC at home. I don’t need all of it on the iPod, but if I have that much already, then if I decided I did want to just load it all, it wouldn’t take long to fill the 30. So maybe the 60 or 80 are better choices. And I still have to decide between refurbished and brand new. Sigh. Decisions. Ha.

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  1. See, I don’t get stuff like that. Personally? I would not shell out the money for a 30, 60 or 80 right now when in two years you’ll be looking to replace it because it’s broken and then the price for them then? Will be less than the price for the 8 right now. But. In the end, it’s your money, not mine. haha

    Did you ever get your phone to work?

  2. I should have also said that the 8GB nano? Is the exact same price as the 30GB. So for the same money, I get almost 4 times the space. So staying with a smaller one wouldn’t save me any money at all. And yes, but that’s 2 years from now. My current iPod won’t last another two years. So I can’t buy now at future prices. ;):P

    Not yet. :-$ But only because I have to call Cingular, and I don’t like making calls? So I’ve been putting it off. Sigh. I need to call. I just hate doing it.

  3. All I’m saying is that it seems like a complete waste of money to shell out so much for an 80 when it’s really not worth it. But if you wanna spend it, spend it.

    Do that before you buy your fancy new ipod. :p

  4. Technically I don’t HAVE to get an ipod, either. But. I already have so much music that I purchased via itunes, and I really don’t feel like converting all of that so I can use on a different player. :p And, like I said, I HAVE to buy a new player. Mine is dying. And can’t hold all my music that I want anymore. And dying. So no matter what I buy, I have to spend.

    Why? It won’t cost me any money. :p

  5. I know. That’s why I’m weighing out my options on which one, and if I should get new or refurb. :p I’m not buying anything today.

    I know. But it’s also not doing me any harm. I just.. I hate calling people. You know that.

  6. I like having an 80GB. I mean, if I have to have an iPod. I can carry my entire music collection around. I know that not everyone cares about that but I’ve done that since I had a Nomad.

    Also, the video thing is cool. I convert YouTube vids (of Jim *cough*) and stick ’em on there. I’m already about 43 GB full.

    I would definitely say if it’s Nano vs. 30 GB, get that. Just in case you want room to grow. But for me, having the option of 200.000 songs is awesome.

  7. An 80 is definitely tempting. I like the idea of being able to take all my music with me. I’d end up using playlists more that way, too. A list just for work, one for “everywhere” and ones for travel and various other things. But right now, the ipod is loaded with just songs that are “work safe” and I have to alternate them any time I want new music since it’s so damned small.

    And definitely. Since the Nano and 30 are the same price, the 30 wins hands down. So when I upgrade, I’ll move to at least the 30. It’s whether or not to go bigger, and to go refurb or new that I’ve got to debate now. The fun stuff. 😉

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