Yay school!

I’m currently having some nasty internet issues. Our service has been intermittent since @ 4pm yesterday. And when I say “intermittent”, I really mean “down 85% of the time”. Ugh. We have a tech coming out tomorrow, hopefully things’ll be fixed quick.

But, I wanted to make a real quick entry during this little window of time I am online. I mentioned yesterday that I had an interview to get accepted in the WIA program. I got in! So, now the gov’t is going to pay for me to go to school. I enrolled today, and I actually start classes on Thursday!! Yipes. I’m kinda nervous about it.

I’ll write a longer entry about all of this later, hopefully tomorrow.

Hold your tears inside you now

Ugh. That’s how I feel about everything. Just “ugh”.

I mentioned before that I had received my new phone, but was having issues unlocking it. Saturday afternoon, I called Cingular which one of the guys who tried to unlock it had recommended. They can’t/won’t help me. They referred me to some website to get the code — where I’d have to pay $50 to unlock it. I told the lady several times that I had tried third party unlockers, and they could not get the code and told me to contact them (Cingular). She keeps trying to pawn me off on the website. Then she tells me that Cingular has to get the codes from the manufacturer, and for me to contact THEM directly. So I get their number and call them.

Yeah. That didn’t go much better. The guy there told me to contact 2 more unlocking websites, or to contact Cingular. Since, you know, it’s Cingular who locks the phone, not HTC. At this point I feel like bashing my head against the wall. After hanging up with him, I decided to look at the 3 websites I’ve been given, to check out their refund policies. I try the site Cingular gave me first. Hmm. It’s no longer in existence. That’d prove tricky to use them then. So I try the first one that the HTC guy gave me. Again — no longer exists. I try the third site (which HTC gave me) and the site works … but they don’t unlock HTC phones! So, now I have a great phone that I like … but no one can unlock so I can use with my current service.

If I switch services JUST to be able to use this phone? It will cost me $25 more a month, plus taxes ($20 bump in plan price, $5 bump for a text plan that isn’t comparable to what I’m getting now). If it wasn’t for that jump in price, I think I’d switch plans pretty quickly. Especially after the crap today with TMobile. Mom and I were out shopping today, and I was texting with Emily while mom was trying on clothes. I open my phone to send a message – and the entire display was upside down and almost completely colorless. I made mom open the dressing room door and showed her the phone and she tried to grab it from me and turn it while saying “I can’t read it, it’s upside down”. I had to laugh, and then point out that was exactly the problem. I closed the phone and reopened it — and the screen was solid black. I did it again. Solid white. Finally I shut off the phone and left it that way for a couple of minutes. When it came back on, luckily it was fine.

I had the exact same problem with my RAZR back at the end of October. Back then, they replaced the SIM card for me right away, then had a brand new phone shipped to me, which around the 10th of November. So this phone is only 3 months old, and it’s already breaking the exact same way my old one had (the old one was only 10 months when it started having problems.) We went down to the TMobile store to find out what we can do. I REALLY don’t want another RAZR (which is why I bought the 3125), but I can’t switch to the new phone I bought, since I can’t get the damn thing unlocked. The clerk at the store was very nice, but he said that they have to replace the phone at least twice before I can switch models without having to pay for the new phone. I didn’t really want to do that because I didn’t want to have to pay another $11 for shipping charges on a piece of crap phone, but he said that sometimes they waive the second shipping fee so he started looking at my account to find out if they could. However, he found out that the warranty on my phone expired on Jan 31st. Apparently I didn’t get a brand new warranty for the replacement RAZR when I got that. I also don’t understand having a 14 month warranty. 12, 18, and 24 month warranties – those lengths of time make sense. But 14 months? What kind of warranty is that? That is all beside the point though. Since it’s not under warranty any more (even though this phone is only 3 months old!!!) I would have to PAY for a replacement. I sure as hell do NOT want to buy a THIRD phone, and be stuck with two others that either don’t work or can’t be unlocked to use!

I pretty much felt like bashing my head against the wall after the TMobile store. I have no clue what I’m going to do. But – no matter what, at least I know I can put the 3125 up on eBay and get my money back on it. That will either pay for a new phone w/TMobile, or for me to switch services and go somewhere else to get a better phone.

To top the day off — I just attempted to put my iPod in the cradle to sync it up. But, it was dead. I spent 30 minutes off and on trying to reset the *&#(*&%$ thing. Nothing. Finally after holding the Menu & center buttons down for 2 minutes, it FINALLY came back to life. But the click wheel doesn’t sound right now when you press it and it’s not responding quite right. So I need to make that decision on which iPod to replace it with pretty damn quick. But, I don’t have the money to replace BOTH the iPod AND my cell phone. Jesus. When it rains, it pours.

Give me a sign.

To buy refurbished or brand new, that is the question. I need a new iPod. Via work, I can get refurbished ones for cheap. 30GB=$184.45, 60GB=$221.00, or 80GB=$258.00. If I buy new in store (at cost), then it’s 30GB=$217.00, or 80GB=$304.00. And of course if I buy brand new at retail rates (which I wouldn’t do, since I get ’em at cost) then it’s 30GB=$249.99, or 80GB=$349.99.

I need a new iPod. My current iPod mini holds 4GB, and is now “too small” plus it’s starting to break. I technically don’t need 30GB (or more) of space yet, but I know it probably won’t take me too long to fill the 8GB Nano, and the next step up after 8 is the 30. So, long-term wise, it would make more sense for me to get one of the 30-80 ones. Besides. I don’t really like the Nano’s. They are just TOO thin for me. I’m likely to lose something that tiny.

Which brings me back to the 3 iPods listed at the beginning. The 60 & 80 are video. I technically don’t need video, so it’s not a selling point, but I might use it if I had it. I think I’m somewhere @ 20GB of music on my PC at home. I don’t need all of it on the iPod, but if I have that much already, then if I decided I did want to just load it all, it wouldn’t take long to fill the 30. So maybe the 60 or 80 are better choices. And I still have to decide between refurbished and brand new. Sigh. Decisions. Ha.