Go on and say it's a phase I'm going through

I’ve been debating making New Year’s resolutions. I have a difficult time keeping them, but I still want to make them. I’m maybe stealing one or two from Emily, but then I like to steal her ideas because she has good ones. So, my attempt at resolutions for the year:

  1. Update this blog on a more regular basis. Aiming for at least once a week.
  2. Get back on the diet. Halfway dieting doesn’t cut it.
  3. Finally join a gym. Water aerobics = a must.
  4. Go through my expenses and see which are actually necessary. Get rid of those that aren’t. Saving money=good.
  5. Get my passport. This is the one resolution I KNOW I will complete, since I need it to visit Emily again.

Obviously – I’m already not doing so good at #1. Technically, I wrote most of this last week, but just forgot to finish it and post it. Which is half my problem a lot of the time.

I also came up with a to-do list, things that aren’t resolution worthy, but I need to get done. Number one on that list, redesign this blog, as well as my myspace and my other websites. Hmm. Maybe “improve my php skill” should be on the resolution list?

It took about a week, but my iPod finally stopped being haunted. I still haven’t figured out where those songs came from. I even sat there and scrolled through every single song on the iPod (all 767 at the time) and the songs it was playing were no where to be found. Christmas just wasn’t ready to let me be yet, I guess. The iPod is starting to break, though: the headphone jack no longer works. I can still play it, though – since the dock I charge it in at work has a headphone jack, and the car plugs into the other end. It really needs to be replaced, but since they aren’t making the mini anymore — I guess I have to upgrade to a bigger iPod. Which, that isn’t an issue really. I need a bigger one. This little 4GB just doesn’t cut it anymore. I just can’t afford a new one, and I can’t find my receipt for this one (I have the extended warranty/replacement plan on it). Guess I’ll just have to save up and wait until it’s completely dead before getting a new one.

My phone is also acting up, and this makes me very unhappy. Well, technically T-Mobile’s customer “support” makes me very unhappy. Back in November, I blogged (5th paragraph) about the problems I was having with my RAZR. They replaced it and the sim card so the replacement is only about 2 months old now. It was barely a month old when I began having similar problems to the one that had just been replaced. Nothing as severe, but the display has messed up repeatedly, amongst a few other problems.

One of the other issues: my old RAZR had been set up so that I could access “t-zones” and download ring tones from the web, etc. After getting the new phone, I had made a few tones via Phone Sherpa, and tried to send them to my phone, but my phone wouldn’t connect and download them. The people at Phone Sherpa were nice and knew what the issue was (the WAP profile isn’t set on my phone like it should be) and pointed me to a certain help area on T-Mobile’s site to get it fixed. When I saw all the steps, I remembered having done it with my first RAZR, so I figured it would be easy. Wrong. I go through the steps, and can’t go past a certain point. The directions tell me to access a menu that isn’t available on my phone. I’ve been going back and forth with T-Mobile’s customer “support” for the past 15 days now, and have gotten absolutely no where. I do have many copies of the same form letter though! The last tech to attempt to help me informed me that the web sessions menu (the one I am missing) is not available at all on the RAZR, and that my phone should already be set up to work. Um, if it was set up to work, I wouldn’t be having the problems. Not to mention the fact that it’s T-Mobile’s OWN site that tells me I need to access that menu, on a RAZR. The guy also referred me to the RAZR user manual — and in that manual it shows that the menu IS available on the phone. They supposedly referred me to a Senior Rep on the 7th, but I am still waiting to hear back. I’ve even emailed twice since then asking why I haven’t heard from them yet.

I really need to replace the phone for all the display and other technical problems, but I’ve been hesitant to do so. I know T-Mobile will just send me out another RAZR, and I don’t want one. I don’t like the phone anymore, and I have no faith that a 3rd one would have any less issues than the first two. I was considering calling their support people to see if they would replace it with a different model at no charge, and without a contract extension, since it’s not working right. I went into one of the T-Mobile stores to see the phones they offer right now, and none of them really grabbed me as “must have” or even “maybe this would work”. I looked at a bunch of different phones, and one I liked is one that a friend has and loves. The only problem – it’s a Cingular phone, not T-Mobile.

I searched eBay and kept my eye on several auctions. I ended up winning one on Tuesday night, and won the phone for a fairly cheap price. Now I’m the owner of a Cingular 3125 Smartphone. The phone should be here over the weekend, then I just have to get an unlock code to unlock it so I can use it on T-Mobile, and hopefully I’ll be good to go. Keep your fingers crossed!

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