Pop my skull, ready to lose control

I was planning on finishing the post I was writing about Canada today. Yeah. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I am having one of those “blurry” days, where I can’t stay mentally focused on anything. My work is suffering, since I can’t finish the tasks, I keep wandering off elsewhere. Ugh. Even writing this entry will likely take a few hours, and I don’t even need as much focus for ramblings that I’d need for recounting events of a trip. I’m starting to be tempted to break up that post into segments, and just post what’s already finished and then post more parts as I finish them.

And now, thanks to a new medicine I’m supposed to be trying out, I feel incredibly sick. I have a hunch that will be the first and last time I take that pill. Thankfully the doctor gave me samples to try out, and I hadn’t paid for a whole month’s worth of the medication! It didn’t help any that when I went to the restroom, someone decided to douse herself in an entire bottle of perfume. I had to walk out through that stench, and some of it clung to me and is making my nausea worse. I have a hunch that when I finally get to go home, I’ll be napping until it’s time for LOST.

Speaking of medicines, I have one thing to say. Wal-Mart may be a big evil? But oh my god I love that their $4 generic prescription program came to Texas. Instead of having to pay $75 for 3 prescriptions on my insurance plan, they only cost me $19.90. ($15 for one not covered on their plan, $2.80 for another, and $2.10 for the third.) My wallet has been a little thin lately, thanks in part to doctor co-pays, so being able to save over 70% on prescriptions is a god-send.

I finally got the diagnostic tools set up and run on my PC. Seven failing sectors. Right now, since it’s failing at a very slow rate, I’m going to try to make it last as long as I can. That will give me time to make sure all my data is completely backed up (that’s being worked on daily, in order from most important down to least important). It also gives me the ability to get the new hard drive with money I’ll receive from Christmas. That way, it’s a little easier on my pocketbook, especially since I definitely want to get a larger hard drive than I have now. Hah. Or, if I decide, it gives me the ability to get a new PC instead of just a new hard drive. I am researching to see what’s out there now that I might want.

Not only is my computer going absolutely nuts … so is my cell phone. Two weeks ago, the display was completely backwards and almost colorless; and it had the message “Check SIM” on the screen. Turning it off and on corrected the problem for a little while. Last week I discovered that some of my games were no longer working properly (which sucks when in a waiting room with nothing to do), and the phone wasn’t responding correctly to the buttons pressed. I headed down to the T-Mobile store over the weekend to ask about it. I figured I just needed a new SIM card, especially because of that message and since my card was 5+ years old. The clerk believed I needed a new phone, so we replaced both. She was able to give me the new SIM card right then, as well as transfer all my numbers over for me. YAY!

The new phone is being shipped to me and should be here any day. Considering I’m still having some of the same issues, I think she was right and it’s the phone. It’s sad really. This phone isn’t even a year old yet, and it’s already being replaced. I had my previous phone for over 4 years, and it was still working perfectly when I decided to upgrade. In fact, I kind of preferred that phone to the ones they have out now. But, the new phones have more features than my old one did — like decent games — so it was time to upgrade. At least I still have that phone and can switch back to it if this one craps out completely before the replacement arrives.

More traveling is on my horizon. This Friday, I’m headed to Los Angeles for the weekend. It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve got to play on the west coast, so I’m ready to get back out there again. I wish I could have a little extra company on this trip in the form of my best friend, like I did last year, but at least I got to go to visit her just a few weeks ago.

I think it’s also time for a blog redesign. I’m getting fed up of the current theme I have. It’s nice, I’m just tired of it.

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