I have a dream, a song to sing

My mom informed me this morning that apparently, Robbie Williams is in talks to record with ABBA.

That… maybe kinda made me a little gleeful. I don’t care if anyone else thinks it’s cheesy, I love ABBA. They were a very big part of my childhood. I have so many memories associated with their music. I can remember my friends and I putting on concerts, lip-syncing along with the Super Trooper album. I also remember being outside at dusk with the record player, the Arrival album on. My parents and neighbors were playing bridge in the driveway, the light coming from the garage, and my best friend and I acting like cats, running all over the front yard when “Tiger” was on. (Did I mention I was very young at that point? Hah.)

To maybe get to hear new music from them makes me happy. Very happy. I hope Robbie pulls it off and this happens.

And speaking of ABBA and gleeful – I just might possibly have gotten a little giggle at the Corporate Business Meeting on Tuesday. They played ABBA’s “Take A Chance On Me” over the loud speakers while we were waiting for the meeting to start.

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