Celebrate good times, come on. It’s a celebration.

Just because I’m single on Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate. There are plenty of other good things to celebrate today, besides the Hallmark Holiday. For example…

Doc’s office called about 30 minutes ago. Biopsy results are in. Things are good, nothing malignant. If you want more details, hit me up in email — I just don’t wanna make another locked post. Hah.

My last car payment was cashed on 02/06. When we called to find out the exact amount to pay on my final car payment, the financial company gave us a different address to send the final payment in to, so that it gets the payment processed quicker and my title in the mail to me faster. The title arrived yesterday, so I’d say that definitely was fast. That car is finally mine all mine and I couldn’t be happier.

The check for my passport was cashed on 02/08. This is a promising sign that my passport is on it’s way.

Vacation time was approved for both the end of March and beginning of August. Vacations shall be had!! Hotel has already been booked to spend some time in Galveston, and we found a dolphin watching tour to take. I can’t wait for March to get here.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate good times, come on. It’s a celebration.”

  1. Besides the fact that today will be cheap chocolate day? hahaha

    Yay for good!!!

    Yay for car being paid and yours!!

    Extra yay for passport!!!!

    Mmm vacation time… it should come quicker!! Except not since I’m completely the opposite of packed haha. Hmm… remind me to pack my gravol for the Galveston part *nods* I have a feeling I’ll need it haha

  2. Mmmmmmm cheap chocolate day. I’d forgotten about that. Bad me! Half priced Godiva! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hahah.

    YAY!! YAY ! and more YAY!! *laugh*

    Gravol for the car ride down? *nod* You might need it, yes. Am all bouncy. And hopefully we’ll be having sun by then, instead of our almost-weekly snow flurries. *giggles*

  3. Haha how dare you forget about that! :p *giggles* That’s gotta be one of the highlights.

    *giggles* Yay yay yay! Haha

    Nope, not the car ride. I’m okay in (most) car situations. But. You mentioned dolphin watching tour. That would likely involve a boat of some sort? Hhahah yeah, sun would be nice. But it’s an entire month and a bit away so possibly.

  4. Because I’m attempting to diet? Haha. 😉 BUt yes, yes it is. Mmm.

    Woooo hoooo!! *dances*

    okay. :-$ And yes, that does involve a boat. A 1 hour boat ride even. And the dolphins had better be there, dangit. *giggles*

  5. Hahah yeah, okay, that’s a good point. I am too. But sale chocolate? Trumps my diet any day :-$ haha

    *boogies?* Although before it was boogers :-#

    haha yeah, so me+boat=gravol. *nods* And they’d better be, yes.

  6. Mmm. Sale Godiva. That probably will trump the diet. But. At least it’s only one day. :-$

    Bwahahahahah! :-#

    Okay. We’ll make sure you have some. If you forget it, we’ll buy you dramamine?

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