Here I go again on my own

Well, here I am, sitting in DFW airport waiting on my flight. We’ll start boarding in roughly another 30 minutes. Whee!!! I am VERY excited. The evil shuttle guy was late and didn’t know where he was going. That frustrated me.

I weighed myself again this morning — looks like I’m now down 16 pounds!!!! WOO HOO!!! My knee is already killing me, but what can I do there? I guess it just didn’t like the shot this time. 🙁

Not a lot to say, but I just had to make a quick post before I board. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Here I go again on my own”

  1. I like it better now that you’re here 😉

    I heard you playing around with our scale in the bathroom, even though I know that was well after that. WHOO HOO YOU :-*

  2. Heee!! Me too. 😀

    Yes I was. :-$ Your scale said half of what mine at home did. SOBS!!!! With my luck, ma probably bumped the settings on mine, so yours is closer to right than the amount posted above. :'(

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