You come and go, you come and go

Every day is that much closer. Woot! I just finished booking my SuperShuttle to the airport for Friday morning. I was going to take the train to the airport, but the shuttle will save me time. Partly because I don’t have to attempt to make a 8am train, and partly because I don’t have to spend hours in transit. They’ll pick me up at @ 9:30, and I’ll be at the airport around 10. If I took that 8am train, I wouldn’t even make it to the airport until almost 11am. And since I’m supposed to be there roughly 3 hours early because it’s an international flight, that wouldn’t work.

I’ll fully admit – I would very much prefer to drive my own car out there and not have to worry about someone else’s schedule or being picked up, etc. But, I can’t exactly afford 10 days in fees from parking at the airport, and there’s no way mom would be able to pick up my car and take it back home so it’s not at the airport that whole time. I’m still going to have to take the train when I come back; but that won’t bother me as much. Coming home, I won’t be on a set time-table, worrying about making it in time.

As predicted, getting back to my car on Friday almost killed me. Once I finally made it home, I attempted to do as little moving around as possible, and iced the knee down as well. Saturday morning, the knee felt wonderful. I can’t remember the last time that knee felt this good. It never felt quite this good after the last shot, partly because of the bruising, I think. But, my right knee is starting to get worse. Or maybe I just notice the pain more in it since the left one is good now? The right isn’t bad enough for another shot, but it might not be too long before it is.

I don’t think I ever said anything in here about how my diet is going. I started around the end of August, switching to SlimFast, salads, water, etc. When I went to the doctor at the end of last month, I was down 7 pounds. YAY! Hopefully I’ll have lost more when I go in again for another visit later this month. We’re going to have to see how good I eat while on vacation, though. 😉

My cat’s medication seems like it’s finally doing the trick. Her fur is beginning to grow back on her stomach and elbows, which means she isn’t chewing as much anymore. The tricky part is going to be while I’m on vacation. Mali has some separation anxiety while I’m out of town, so we’re hoping the meds keep her from relapsing. We don’t want her to start chewing again just because she’s stressed out that I’m not home. She’ll probably have another vet visit after I get back from Toronto. Hopefully, if she stays on the path she’s on now, we’ll be able to stop pilling her in a month or so. I’ve got my fingers crossed that if the habit’s broken, she won’t start again. There’s just no way I can catch her every day and force a pill down her throat. The more pills I give her, the better she gets at resisting swallowing them.

3 more days. I am so ready to get out of town and up to Toronto. Is it time to go yet?

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