Like asking Niagara not to fall

YAY!!!!! It looks like I finally fixed the feed issues on livejournal! Maybe. Kinda. I did an end-run around the problem, by switching to summaries only. But that means if you read the feed there, you’ll have to come over here to read the full entry. Sorry! Livejournal didn’t like me any more; it was saying my feed was too big. Oops. I write too much. haha. At least I now know that my feed validates as Rss 2.0, though!

Of course, I was focusing so much on that, I didn’t do my facts. I’ve got one to post… I just need to play around with the images for it first. Make the smaller and brighter, even if they will still be crappy. I guess I should come up with another fact for now until I do that one, huh?

I think I figured out the tongue swelling issue from yesterday. It only lasted about 30 minutes, and only about half of it got swollen. I think I accidentally got a tiny piece of seafood on my Slim Fast can and ingested it. It’s the only thing I can think of that I’ve been near recently, and I know I’m allergic to seafood. There hasn’t been anything else in my diet or surroundings that’s out of the ordinary, so it shouldn’t/wouldn’t be an unknown allergy.

Thanks to finally earning enough miles for that free flight, I should hopefully be off to Canada next month. I have 7 vacation days that I have to use by the end of next month, so that will give me a nice chunk of vacation time. Another trip to Niagara Falls is one thing already on the books, this time a 2 day trip so we can spread it out and not kill ourselves trying to do everything in a day. It looks like I’ll be there over Canadian Thanksgiving, so we’ll also be going up to Emily’s parents for the holiday. Two Thanksgivings for me this year! Woot! Haha. We’ve just got to get a few things arranged on both ends first in regards to vacation days, then I can cash in those frequent flier miles.

According to an article I read the other day, they’re going to try to avoid all the massive gaps in between new episodes of LOST this season. So, the way it’s supposed to go: the season will premiere on Oct 4, and we will get 6 straight weeks of new episodes, through to November 8. After that, the show goes on a LOOOOOONG (12 week) holiday hiatus. It is supposed to start back up at the beginning of February sweeps (Feb 7) and run the remaining episodes of the season straight through to the finale (May 23), with no breaks/reruns/etc. And they’d damn well better not have reruns, after a 3 month hiatus!! The sections of uninterrupted episodes will be wonderful, but that is going to be one hellacious holiday break. Hahah. I’ve got most of my TV line up planned out, but of course that’s likely to change as new shows fail to keep my interest, or get cancelled. I’m mostly just glad “House” is back already. Mmmmm House.

I guess I’d better go work on writing up a fact…

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