I’ve learned to feel what I cannot see

I need to write. I need to write a bunch of things. I haven’t done a proper entry in eons. I have plenty of things swirling in my brain that I need to post about, I just haven’t been able to get words written. They don’t want to cooperate with me at all. I’m likely to ramble like crazy here, so be forewarned.

I know this is, like, 2+ months after the fact — but I had an amazing birthday. I spent it in Toronto with Emily, the actual day was spent at her lake cottage. The first part of the week, my mom came up and we all played tourist, taking her around the city, and down to Niagara Falls. After she left, Emily and I headed to the lake for a couple of days. At the end of the week, we went to the African Lion Safari. That place was wild. I’ve been to drive-through safari’s before, ones where you get to feed the animals. But I have never been to one where you are driving through the same pen as lions and cheetahs, where literally the only thing between you and them is your car! That was freaky, and so cool. The monkeys loved to climb all over people’s cars in their area. I’ve got pictures from that trip up here.

That trip also gave me one of the best birthday moments I can remember. We decided to jump back into the lake late that night, and we were in the water at the exact minute I turned 33. As we were swimming in that cold water under the moonlight, we saw several shooting stars. I think it was a total of 3 shooting stars while we were in the water. This was a few nights before the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, so I wasn’t expecting to see anything yet. So, getting to see the first few just made my birthday that much more special.

Back to the present — I got to test drive the Smart Car today. I am so absolutely in love with that thing. It’s a lot roomier than it looks from the outside, even plenty of room in the back for luggage. I want one of those so badly, but I don’t want another car payment. I’m enjoying not having one, and my car is still running incredibly well, so I’ll be happy with what I have for another few years.

Last week I started seeing a psychologist. It’s something I’ve needed to do for years on end, but I always had a million excuses for putting it off. No more though. The lady I met with was very nice, and I think we should get along well enough to make me comfortable for the sessions. Thanks to vacation and several other doctor and dentists appointments, I don’t get to go back until the first week of November.

This is going to be a very short week for me at work. I’m only working tomorrow, and most of Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I’ve got a bunch of doctor’s appointments, then it’s off to Toronto again. More play time!! Definitely looking forward to getting to see Emily again.

I have tons more that I could ramble about, but I think I’ll just stop there. heh.

6 thoughts on “I’ve learned to feel what I cannot see”

  1. You do need to write >:O. I still love that face :-$ haha

    I’m glad you had a good birthday after all that. I wasn’t sure you did :-$ but yes, it’s good to know?

    Yay me! 😉 Only a little bit longer.

  2. I do, yes. :-$ I think about it a lot. I’m just lazy and lacking motivation and yes. :-$ Aww poor face. *pets it* I don’t think we have it here. 😉 hah.

    Yay you!!! That’s a big yay. 😀 In 24 hours I’ll be on the way to the airport whee! :-*

  3. … wait.. I remember commenting to this! Where did it go?! Sobs. I better not have been marked as spam in my own blog. :-$ *goes to check* I was!!!! SOB! How dare it think I’m spam?! :'( hahahahah bad blog. :-$ Well… I just marked me as not spam… and it’ll put my comment up there and I’ll look like an insane lunatic here ranting about a comment that’s there… *giggles* :-$ Oh well.

  4. Haha yeah, that might be it *nods* And yeah, we don’t. Which is sad.

    Haha the irony is that it wsa a long time ago that you left and I’m just getting the comment now 😉

    I’m not surprised that it thinks you’re spam? It still thinks you’re spam half the time over at mine, but it’s cause it’s still not used to you being there. Haha

  5. :-$ Silly motivation. I have 3, count ’em 3, posts in the works now! Haha.

    *giggles* I know. Sob. 😉

    I figured out what happened! When I came to comment to this, I noticed one of the ones from me was blue, the other white. So I checked — I used the wrong email address on the old one. Hence it going into moderation, thinking someone was impersonating me. I fixed the email addy, and voila, it’s white. heh. Sobs. I try to comment to every post, even if I’m slow! :-$

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