I dream away every day

Okay friends of mine! I have a request for help! Hahaha. Okay. I am getting a $100 gift card for Amazon.com from my credit card reward miles. So. I now need to figure out what I need to buy! I am drawing a complete and total blank on what to buy, so I could use some hints. If there’s something that YOU think I need, let me know and I’ll look into it. Also, feel free to suggest types of items to buy. Like, DVDs, books, whatever. You might bring to mind a category of an item that I need, but am blanking on at the moment, since there’s the “pressure” of having money to spend. lol.

My second request — my personalized licence plates are up for renewal soon. While I love my current ones (an abbreviation for “Road tripping”), they just don’t really fit anymore. Life doesn’t allow me to take many road trips these days. It’s been a long time since I’ve road tripped on any kind of regular basis, if at all! So, my request here — throw some ideas at me. What do you think of when you think of me? It doesn’t have to be only 6 letters long (Tx plate limits), just throw anything at all at me, and I can try to figure out an abbreviation that would work. I’m just not sure what “fits” me now. hah.

So, suggestions, PLEASE!!

4 thoughts on “I dream away every day”

  1. Buy porn. Oh wait, amazon doesn’t sell that, do they. It’s kinda sad that I don’t know what you CAN buy off of amazon other than dvds and books and cds. But seeing as they have pet hallowe’en costumes on the front page…

    You should have GO KIWI except your car isn’t green but that’s besides the point. And that so came to me in my dream with the injured boy the other night. Except that almost looks like GO KM which translates to go kim in my head which isn’t exactly what you want, unless it’s go away? FREQFLR? Damn, that’s one too many. I’ve always wanted to have a Q though. O CNDA 😉 That one gave me the giggles although I think it’d get you in trouble. This is like a weird word game… you could always try KEIRAN. But I don’t know if you’d want your name on your car. I’m sure I’ve got more of these, but I should stop while I’m ahead.

  2. Hahaha, I don’t know if they do or not. But probably not. I know you can buy tons of stuff there. We sell stuff through them. I don’t understand how that works, or even why since we have our own website to sell stuff… but. *shrugs* Whatever. hah.

    I wanted my car to be green, but they didn’t have it in the one I wanted. Well, I wanted yellow or green, and the yellow was in what I wanted, so yes. heh. I thought about my name before, but yes. I don’t want to advertise it too much. I’d get stalkers. 😉 haha. You shouldn’t stop. Gimme more! I thought about changing ma’s idea into “csi 4n6”, because then it looks kinda like a normal plate, but it’s not at all. And it’s a different numbering scheme than the state uses, so. I should be allowed it. If I go that way. ha.

  3. Heh, I’ve honestly never bought anything off of there that wasn’t a CD, DVD, VHS or Book. And yeah, I’m not surprised that they sell everything on there, or that you guys sell thru there, but yeah, it’s a little confusing?

    Yellow’s a good colour though. I don’t think I’d want a green car. They’re usually that forest green or lime and yeah, no. And stalkers are bad, yes, they are. Haha I think I’m out of ideas right now? :-$ And yeah, that’s a neat one too

  4. Heee. I have. 😉 Not much, but yes. haha. And yeah. Just a teensy bit confusing. Just like the wires we get from them for what they sell for us. Ugh. It’s a nightmare applying those things because they never match the invoices right. :-#

    Hee. It is. It was supposed to stop people from hitting me, though, since it’s so bright. And, well, yeah. 😉 :-$ Awww. *pets* Okay. :-*

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