I’m a sight for my sore eyes

I’m still snowed under at work. Every time it feels like I’ve made some sort of progress, finally, then the next day I get absolutely snowed under again with new work. Initially, I was going to put in some OT this weekend (I’ve already been working through my lunch breaks every day this week.), but I think today’s jump in the workload made me change my mind.

I’ve just got to remind myself that I’m really not Superwoman. While I get pissy when other people in the office get mad that I’m “behind” when I’m not and expect way too much — I also have a tendency to get mad at myself when I can’t do it all. I just need to sit myself down and tell myself that I’m doing an amazing job and doing more than most people expect me to do and that I’m only human and can’t do everything and that I should be proud of myself for what I have done instead of punishing myself for what I haven’t. That’s so much easier said than done though.

But yes, I decided to just go ahead and not work this weekend. Both of my bosses said I shouldn’t, and that I’ve already busted my ass and should take it easy. So I’m going to try. At least it’s nice to know THEY know how hard I’m working, even if other departments are jerks.

I was getting closer and closer to feeling like I was about to have a nervous breakdown. My mom actually helped a lot there, she brought me flowers at work on Thursday to make me feel better. She and I might not get along all the time, but she does have her really really nice moments. That made me smile a lot, and helped make me decide/realize that I HAVE to take it easy. It also helped break the stress – some. It’ll take a while before it dissipates completely.

On a completely unrelated note – the random giggle of the day: I saw this in the MSN Gossip column this morning, and I have to admit that the parenthetical comment made me laugh:

Back on Valentine’s Day, Drew and Spike (hey, is anyone else having a “Buffy” flashback right about now? Anyone? OK, must just be us) were reportedly spotted “cuddling and looking very lovey-dovey” while rocking out together at an Arcade Fire show in New York.

Footnote: I actually wrote this post last week (3/16), and never finished it. I decided I’m still gonna post it today (3/20) as-is and back date it. I have it set in my head that I need to post it before I can write a new entry, even though there’s not really a reason. Ha. Oh well. The workings of my brain are strange.

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  1. Bwahahah! Nope. Not working this weekend. But I just HAD to post it anyway. Something about continuity or prosperity or some other shit. hah.

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