Don't worry, be happy now

The coworker has been amusing me with her antics since back. True to her old form, on her first day back from a FIVE WEEK vacation, she showed up 2 hours late, took an hour and half lunch, AND still left at her normal time. Even though we’ve got TONS of work to do. She took at least 4 hours to do one of the most basic tasks that shouldn’t have taken more than a fourth of that. When we were discussing the fact that she would have to do overtime because of the workload, she tried to imply that I could come in on this Saturday and work. Um. Hi, no. My vacation starts at 4:30pm on Friday. She’s been off for 5 weeks, SHE can damn well do the work & overtime.

Every day, the topic of her working overtime has come up. “I can’t stay late because I have to pick up the kids at school” Fine. You can work Saturday or Sunday. Or you can do like I did all last week, and just not take a lunch break. That way you work an extra hour, but you’re not here any later. “Oh no, I can’t do that! How can I not take a lunch?!” Oh, it’s really easy. And please remember that lunch breaks are only 1 hour, not your normal prior 1+ hours! She even said yesterday “I don’t do overtime.” I just flat out laughed in her face when she said that, and responded with “It’s not a matter of ‘want-to’ anymore. It’s a ‘have-to’ to get the work done”. She just doesn’t get it.

To top all that off, she keeps whining that she doesn’t know how she’s going to do all the work with me gone. Um. Hi. I did it all by my damn self for a MONTH while she was on vacation. If I can do it, she damn well can too. She keeps trying to say that other people can do parts for her. Um – 1 of those people just broke her elbow and can’t do the check runs. EVERYBODY is already overworked pulling their own weight and then some. They can’t add her load to their own too, just because she doesn’t want to work. She’s going to be in for a really rude awakening. At least I did get the satisfaction of her saying that she can’t do it all because “she’s not me”. Damn straight she ain’t, and at least she recognizes the fact that I’m damn good at what I do. Hell, even if I did a lot less, I’d still be better than she is, since she avoids work all day.

I’m doing my best to take it easy this week. I’m not forcing myself, I’m just doing what I can without busting my ass. She’s back, she can help with the workload. I certainly hope she doesn’t think I’m going to keep doing it all so she can sit back and talk on the phone all day, like she used to. Today I even woke up relaxed and happy – something that hasn’t happened in a few weeks. Everything is amusing to me today, making me giggle. I’m having fun. I refuse to let her, or the work, stress me out anymore. The count down is on: 2.5 more work days, then it’s vacation time!!

I have more to ramble about .. but I think I’ll do all that in a separate entry. My lunch break is over anyway.

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