I can't be the superwoman that you want me to be

Sometimes… sometimes being very good at your job is a curse instead of a blessing.

People are starting to claim that we’re behind. Um. We’re not behind. I’ve been busting my ass doing the work of 3.5 people, and sure I might be barely treading water, but we’re still not behind. I’m current. I’m thisclose to still be every bit AS current as we were when we were fully staffed. It’s still another 2 business days before the oldest work I have on hand becomes “late” — and we’ve always guaranteed all work submitted would be processed within 5 business days. Sure in the past, because of me being as good as I am, we were able to pamper them and get it done even faster than that. But guess what, it’s ONLY me right now, and I am doing the best that I can, am STILL current and keeping things within my time-limit; yet that’s not good enough for them.

Gee, do they not remember that we just had a MASSIVE layoff and over 50% of the company is gone and that maybe, just maybe, there might be delays in getting work done? I’m doing the best damn job that I can, and would it be so hard to say “thank you” instead of bitching about work that I still have time to do?

Today? Yes, today I know I am going to get more behind, and possibly start drowning in the work. I’m going to have to pull some overtime this week and maybe on Saturday, to get caught up. But, in addition to the work that @ 10-20 people submit (that I am processing all by myself) and are complaining about, I just got FLOODED in work from the bank, plus a MASSIVE wire came in that I have to process ASAP, plus I have my normal daily duties of the cash disbursement half of my job.

I told my boss yesterday that when the wire came in, I was going to jump out the window. I jokingly tried to when he came in this AM and told me it was here. On a good/normal day, that wire takes me 6-8 hours to process and apply. So there is an entire day that I cannot work on my other duties, and that WILL make me behind on those. Sigh. I cannot win for losing. Why couldn’t the damned wire come in next week, when my coworker will have finally returned from vacation, so that I could have some kind of help?

Sigh. Speaking of vacation — I am SO fucking happy that mine is in 1.5 weeks. I NEED to get out of here and away from this place so so so desperately. The knowledge that soon I will be getting away from here and getting to spend time with Emily are the only 2 things keeping me going right now.

Note: Yes, I know I sound egotistical about me being “so damn good” at my job. But, let me just say I’m not being delusional here at how good I am. It’s been noted upon by many people in this and other departments. On multiple occasions, my boss has said that he does not expect anyone else in our dept to be as fast as me, and he will not use me as a measuring stick to compare them to, since I’m just that fast. And I also know that I am NOT the fastest little keyer out there — I’m just the fastest/best in THIS department. If I were to go to a different company, I’d probably just be average.

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