My iPod is apparently possessed by the Ghost of Christmas Past, or something.

Whenever I purchased or burned new holiday songs, I made sure the genre was listed as “holiday” to make them all easier to find to take off the iPod/out of iTunes. When I added them to the iPod, I had a seperate playlist for just the holiday songs that it synced from, so I didn’t have to search through my main playlist. Last night, I edited that playlist and removed all of the Christmas-related songs from it. I synced up the iPod, and it clearly shows there’s only 767 songs on it now, about 230 songs LESS than there was one day ago. So, according to the number of songs, it synced up properly, and removed all the Christmas songs.

And yet, this morning? It keeps starting to play songs that are no longer on the iPod. Songs I removed. I’m more than a little freaked out, because I went through and deleted everything with a Christmas mention (I left one or two winter/snow non-Christmas songs, as well as New Years songs) out of the playlist, so I know they’re gone. Like I said, the iPod shows that it deleted 230 songs. I have no clue where these are coming from. I guess the iPod doesn’t want Christmas to be over with yet?