It’s not easy always fighting gravity

I’ve been a super bad slacker girl lately. I haven’t been updating, I haven’t been doing my facts, I haven’t been doing a lot of things I’m supposed to be doing. But I have been sticking to my diet, so at least that counts for something?

Mostly, I’ve been planning. After almost a full day of deliberations, they decided to approve my vacation. It shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place, but oh well. In about 21 days, I will be off to Toronto. Yay! There’s plans for an overnight trip to Niagara Falls, glow-in-the-dark putt putt, Thanksgiving dinner a day or two early, and a yet undefined “more”. Haha. What can I say, we haven’t decided yet what all we’re going to do. Thanks to the frequent flier miles, what should have been a $463 plane ticket, only cost me $31! Woo! It makes vacation planning a lot easier, when the getting there isn’t going to drain you. 😉

I also wrote a new manual for work and revamped several others. They’re nice and easy to follow along in, so it should help in case any problems arise while I’m far far away. Ha. I hope, anyway.

Between now and then, I’ve got a myriad of doctor appointments, yet I don’t have one with my knee doctor. That’s probably the one I need to see most before I go. Oops? I’ll likely call on Monday and try to get an appointment before I leave. I doubt I’ll get a shot this time around, but it will still be better to get the knees checked out before I go, since they’ve been giving me some problems.

Mali has a vet visit tomorrow, a follow-up from her last one. I’m not sure that the pills are working, but she does seem slightly less stressed out than she used to. I just hate having to catch her and give her a pill every day. But the poor kitty is going to definitely need the meds while I’m gone, so she has to have her check up to get more meds.

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