And I won’t tell ’em your name

I guess I’ll start this blog off the way I seem to start most things: with a listing of my various nicknames.

If you call me Keiran – you are most people. (Technically, you’re most people if you call me Karen. A majority of people I know mispronounce my name.)
If you call me Kiwi – you are most of my friends I’ve met online.
If you call me DreamingHawk or DH – you are a LJer or Bronzer.
If you call me Kitten – you are Emily.
If you call me Kiddo – you are Emily.
If you call me Anti – you are Angela, My AntiSoulmate.
If you call me Twinkie – you are my Twinkie, Kat.
If you call me Triplet – you are Adri or Huntress.
If you call me Fiancelet – you are Kiba.
If you call me Momlet – you are my girls: Mialet, Ari, Cece, Dirty Socks, Dunlin, Ang, Wasyu, or Sarah.
If you call me any number of endearing “insults” – you are CJ.
If you call me your LA Sis – you are my Cushie.
If you call me Speed Demon – you have been in a car with me, or heard tales. 😉
If you call me Kevin – you are a pharmacist filling a prescription, or half the junk mail offices around.
If you call me KC, Kacey, K – you are me. Usually when I’m leaving myself notes to find later.
If you call me Crazy – you are probably pretty damned right. 😉

If you called me Blindhartd – you were Sara, Denise, Ang, or anyone else from the old Bryan White AOL boards & mailing lists.
If you called me Hollywood – you were John H.
If you called me Kei – you were friends from high school.
If you called me Keyring or Curad – you were Shannon. And if anyone else ever tries, they will be shot without hesitation.
If you called me Keiramela (in sing-song form, like the old “Caramello” candy bars commercial) – you were Marlo, the ex-wife of a high school youth pastor.
If you called me Missy – you were Sylvia.
If you called me Boss Lady – you were Bubba.
If you called me Check Lady/Money Lady/Money Mama – you were most of the people at CompU.
If you called me Melissa or Karen Carpenter – you were one of the mail guys at CompU.
If you called me Seaweed – you were my friend Anita’s father. Anyone else tries and dies.
If you called me Baby K or Lil K – you were Jenny.
If you called me Speedy Gonzales or Inspector Gadget – you were a co-worker at Albertsons.
If you called me Little Red Corvette, or just Corvette – you were Jeff. From back when the song was out and we were WAAAAAAAAAY too young to understand the subtext.
If you called me Caramel – you were Jeff, and a tiny handful of other people.
If you called me Gypsy (aka Country Gypsy) – you were Lisa.
If you called me CC or Casey – you were in my girl scout troup in elementary.
If you called me Kiki – you were a friend from high school
If you called me Kiki #1 – you were Michelle or Kiki #2.

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