We don’t need no preacher man

Fact 5: My parents got married on their fourth date.

Yes, fourth as in date number 4. It was also the 4th time they had physically met in person. Back in 1972, my dad was stationed at an Air Force base in England, not overly far from where my mother lived. (I can’t remember which base, and I’m too lazy to go ask.) Mom and dad had been penpals, then on his weekend leave each month, they would meet and go out on a date. So their fourth date was also 4 months into their relationship. They were married in a civil registrar’s office on May 3, 1972. Mom was 19 at the time, and my dad had just turned 29. They lived together in England for a year while my dad finished out his service. In 1973, they came to the States and moved to the country out in East Texas. One year later they welcomed me into the world. 😉

When my dad passed away, they were 1 month shy of their 30th wedding anniversary. And not once in that nearly 30 years did they ever seem like they were going to get a divorce.

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