On the road again

I know the actual threat of the most recent plane bombings was a serious one, and not a laughing matter. However, I do find a lot of the new restrictions absolutely ludicrous. I’m waiting for someone to come up with a parody of “Snakes on a Plane,” maybe “Water on a plane” (“OH NO!!!!! It’s… It’s… IT’S A WATER BOTTLE!!!” *cue blood-curdling scream*)

Seriously though, I can understand the ban, mostly. I’m glad I opted not to go to Chicago this weekend. Hopefully they’ll have better ways to screen liquids by the time I take my next flight, and will have eased that ban — but I’m not holding my breath.

Tomorrow, I’m going to drive to Tulsa with the friend who’d originally offered to fly us to Chicago. We’re going to do some shopping, go to the Oklahoma Aquarium, and maybe an animal sanctuary. It’ll be nice to get out of Dallas for a couple of days, and back out on the road again. This trip is part birthday gift to me, part her needing to get out of town.

The birthday was nice and mostly quiet; the way I like it. Emily sent me a GORGEOUS floral arrangement, full of massive white roses, white Asiatic lilies, and white snapdragons. My entire room smells like lilies. And when I say massive – I measured one of these roses to be about 4 inches in diameter. MASSIVE! They’re also beyond beautiful. My brother texted me birthday wishes in the morning, per usual. He never sends a card, and the only reason I got a gift from him was because it was installing my car stereo. That’s normal though.

Today is one of those days where I just can’t focus on much of anything. I’m ready to leave work now. Only one more hour to go, thankfully.

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