So take your fast car and keep on driving

My car is hopefully fixed. I took it up to the shop on Friday night, so they’d have it for Saturday morning to look at. They called me midday on Saturday, because they were having problems recreating the dropping idle. They did finally get it to do it once or twice, though. They fixed the battery – it wasn’t properly installed when the guy put it in for me last week. After more tests, they called me back again. Kelly let me know that the battery/alternator/starter/cables/connections/etc were all fine. The other possible suspect for giving me those problems was some motor (I forgot what), that costs $500 to replace. But, because he wasn’t able to get it to do it more than twice, he didn’t want to condemn that motor and have me be out that much money, when he couldn’t guarantee that was the problem. He told me if this gets significantly worse, then we’ll look at that motor again; but otherwise he wasn’t going to touch it. He did also clean out the system for me, which should also help clean out that motor and keep it going. So far, so good. It hasn’t acted like it was going to stall since I picked it up Saturday afternoon. YAY!

When I was out on Saturday, I lost my cell phone. I didn’t know until about an hour after I’d lost it that it was gone. I called the last store I remembered having it in, but they hadn’t had one turned in. After I picked up my car, I was going to drive everywhere I’d been, and double check to try to find it before suspending service. When mom was dropping me off to get my car – my cellphone called her. It had been found in the PARKING LOT of the store that I’d originally thought I’d lost it at. I got VERY lucky there – since I have a RAZR, I wouldn’t have been surprised if someone kept it instead of turning it in. I also got very lucky that it didn’t get run over and crushed in that parking lot. When I picked up my cell, I tried to give them a reward, but they turned it down. I’m so so thankful I got my phone back. I didn’t wanna think about having to buy another, right as I’m paying out all this money on my car.

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