People are strange when you're a stranger

(Originally left as a comment on a friend’s blog)
Hi. I’m weird. I’m a freak and a geek. I march to a drummer all my own… who’s being accompanied by someone on bagpipes. 😉 I’m an oddity of nature. And I’m proud of it. I do not want to be “normal”. Normal is … bleh. It’s too easy to blend into the background and go completely unnoticed when you’re normal. If you’re different, you stand out. You make a mark. People notice. Granted, they that’s not always a good thing, but oh well.

Have I always been this accepting of being different? No. I struggled with it for a long time. I also admit I still have my moments that I struggle with it and long to be like others. But even when I want to be like others… I want to be just enough like them that I fit in, while still retaining enough of what makes me unique. I don’t want to be a cookie cutter image of everyone else.

Hmm. I realised I could actually ramble on and on here – even more than I ordinarily do. So I think I’ll just stop there and keep on going in my own blog later. Thanks for the post inspiration. But, what it boils down to – I think that line in the movie is actually backwards. Being “weird” is usually natural and effortless. It’s the being normal and striving to fit in that takes energy. At least it’s always been that way for me.

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