I've been everywhere, man

I’m in a strange mood today, very restless and wanting to get outta here and on the road. But I can’t, because of work and gas prices. It makes me nuts how much gas prices have cut into my fun. I can’t recall the last time I road-tripped for fun anymore. Well, there were mini roadtrips while Emily was here on vacation – but I mean a nice long drive, just you and the open road for hours on end kind of road trip. I’ve still got a lot of the US to visit, and it’s kinda difficult when I can’t afford the gas to get anywhere.

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5 thoughts on “I've been everywhere, man”

  1. We should plan a road trip. I dunno how we’d do it, but we should. Although I’m not the best companion for one of those, since I don’t drive and all. Oops? :[

  2. That would be fun. And driving isn’t a requirement for roadtrip companions. Just being able to get along trapped together in a car. 😉

    BAT! *giggles* :-*

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