An Open Letter…

Dear Idiot In The SUV Who Has Almost Hit Me Every Morning This Week:

Please note that when you turn a corner, you are supposed to move mostly past the oncoming lane before turning onto the street. If, as you do daily, you turn the corner as soon as you reach the curb closest to you, then you are going to turn into MY lane and take off the front end of my car. The ONLY reason you have not done so yet, is because I am paying attention and slam on my brakes roughly 2 car lengths back from my stop sign. I SHOULD be able to pull up closer to the stop sign without fear of getting hit by your idiotic ass.

Trust me — waiting 2 more seconds before turning will NOT make you late for work. Hitting my car, however, is guaranteed to make both of us late, and will require you/your insurance to pay all of my repair and medical bills.

No Love At All,

The Driver of the BRIGHT YELLOW Car Who Knows You Can See Me Coming Before You Turn.

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