I like holidays

I’ve made it through one week at work, and I am liking it quite a bit. Today is my first “school holiday” – so I get to be at home all day! Yay! Of course, it’ll make the rest of the week interesting, I’m sure, but that’s fine. I need to learn the crazy weeks as well as the normal ones. For the most part, I think I’m doing okay. We’ll see, though, when I get to a point where I’m doing more completely on my own.

I did discover that I already know someone else who works here! She’s in a different department, at a different building, but I do have to interact with her from time to time. How do I know her? Well — she was my Girl Scout troop leader back in the late 80’s!! That makes me giggle. I had sent her an email on Wednesday, and not even a minute after I hit send, my phone rings.

Her: Is C—- your maiden name?
Me: Yup.
Her: You were one of my Girl Scouts!
Me: Yup! I thought it was you when I sent the email!!

This amuses me like crazy. We chatted for a few minutes, catching up, etc. She’s supposed to drop by my building at some point to say hey.

I’m going through stuff today, organizing and cleaning. I am looking through the things I had at my desk at Comp, trying to decide on what I want to take up to my new job. One of the first things I did, while there, was set the background for my monitor. (I used this pic from my trip to Vancouver.) I’ve already got a few photos and post cards selected, as well as the painting that Emily made for me. I think I might take a few magnets up as well — I have 3 filing cabinets, so that’s plenty of space for magnets! I think I want to get more magnets, from the various places I’ve visited before. I’ll hit google later, looking for some, I think. I already have a few from Toronto and California. Next, I need to decide on what kind of “trinkety” knick-knacks I want to decorate with. Oh the decisions to be made! 😉 But, yes. I do feel comfortable enough there already to start decorating my desk and making it “homey”.

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