Support from the stars…

Okay. This afternoon, I have an intake interview for the WIA program. (Workforce Investment Act. Basically, the gov’t pays for me to go back to school. hee.) I’ll write more about all of that later, after my appointment, but. Reading my horoscope for today made me grin, since the beginning sounds like it could be applied to the WIA program.

Your Horoscope for JUNE 23, 2008
You are making some positive changes and important connections for the better in certain areas of your life right now, Keiran. Honor these transformations and realize the positive impact they are having on your life. At the same time, however, it could be that some of these changes are causing disruptions in your romantic life. There may be power plays going on between you and a person, or group of people close to you. Build your confidence from the inside out and let up on the reins just a bit.

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