Baby it’s cold outside…

I was out this morning, doing some errands. The weather outside is a very nice and nippy 27° (that’s -3°C, for my metric friends ;)), and I’m running around in just pants & a thin long-sleeved shirt, no jacket. It’s just too much hassle wear a jacket, since it means I have to: get out of the car, put it on, get in store. And once inside, they have the heat blasting so I have to take the jacket back off so I don’t roast to death. Then finish in store, put the jacket back on, get to car, take it off, etc etc etc. Especially since it typically only takes @ 1 minute to get between my car & the store, and often less than that.

So, I’m on my way into WalMart, and there’s a Bell Ringer outside. He laughs at me being out there w/o my jacket and says “Let me guess – you’re from Alaska.” *giggles* I told him no, but that I really do want to go there some day! 😉 Hahah.

They keep saying it’s supposed to warm up to @ 43° (6°C) today, but. We’ll see. It still hasn’t broken 30°, yet, after all.

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