7 days to go!

Yesterday was quiz time in class, and I got a 90. Grrr. But, my other quiz was a 100, so that’ll help keep my final grade in the module high.

On Monday, my teacher announced that he turned in his 2 weeks notice to the school. 🙁 Our final for Module 3 was supposed to be on the 24th, but it’s now been moved up to the 21st, which is his last day. It was partly moved up because of his leaving, and partly because we’re such a good class, that we’re moving through the material faster than most classes do. Go team us! After the final, we will still have 3 days left of school, but that module has a different teacher, anyway, so we won’t be missing out on our teacher.

With the Module 3 final being moved up a day, they’re talking about adjusting our schedule so that we go to school all 3 days the week before Thanksgiving, instead of just 2. If we can do that, it means I’ll graduate the day before Thanksgiving, instead of the Monday after! 😀

Of course, once I graduate.. that means the scary part starts — I actually have to start looking for a job! That part terrifies me. I haven’t been on a job interview in over 10 years, so I’m definitely more than a little nervous about it.

I have been sick all week.. but I think I’m just about done with it. All that’s left now is a little bit of congestion, and a very mild lingering cough. I have a hunch it’ll take a while for the cough to go away… it usually likes to linger. Ugh. Think I should probably head off to bed to get some more rest now.

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