By transcendental meditation, I go there each night…

But I always come back to myself long before daylight

God, I’d love to be anywhere else than here these days. Especially right now when “here” means work. Everyone seems to be rubbing me the wrong way today. If there are reports of someone going postal and killing/maiming/whatever people on the 10th floor of a building here… have bail money ready. 😉

Seriously though, I’m grumpy beyond belief, and I think that most/part of it is the heat. I cannot understand how 2 rooms that are side-by-side in a house can be so drastically different in temperature. My room is a total sauna, even with the brand new ceiling fan and a oscillating floor fan turned on in there; and the A/C vent open wide. If you open the door to the guest room, a blast of cold air comes pouring out of the room; even though the A/C vents are closed, so none of the cold air should be going in there. It’s just not fair that there is such a drastic temperature difference between the 2 rooms. I probably should’ve gone out to Grapevine this weekend for this year’s Main Street Days. They had a snow tubing hill, but somehow I think they wouldn’t have appreciated my desire to just lay down in the middle of the snow, instead of going tubing. But damn, it would’ve been nice to curl up on a pile of snow yesterday.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting everything ready for Emily’s visit down here. I ordered quite a few things this weekend, including new shoes (moccassions & water shoes), swimsuit, clothes, etc. The one item I ordered and want the most for our tubing trip, however, seems to be problematic. I ordered the speciality tubes at the end of last week, and still have not heard anything from the vendor. Luckily for me, they took PayPal as a form of payment, so I used that and opted to pay by my PayPal Buyer Credit. Which means although the Buyer Credit has been charged – it hasn’t come out of my physical bank account yet, so I’m not hurting for that money. Plus, since I paid via PPBC, they should/will help me get my money back if this company turns out to be a total dud.

I haven’t been tubing in years, and am really looking forward to this. Yes, even in the awful Texas heat. It’ll be fun. If only the next 7 days pass as quickly as possible and I can finally A) be on vacation, B) be away from work, and C) have Emily here to show all around town and have fun and hang out.

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