Just say no!

There is a dry erase board on my floor, right next to the door leading in from the elevators (and near a break room). When passing by there this morning, I saw that there was a new message and drawing. It consisted of:

“Let’s say no to cockroaches!” written above a small drawing of a cockroach that had been crossed out with a large X.

Then someone came along and drew another cockroach, with a thought bubble that read: “That is so unfair! I was just eating the left over pizza!”

And finally, a third line beneath that, someone wrote “Oh, I’m sorry I crushed you then”.


7 thoughts on “Just say no!”

  1. It made me giggle a lot. haha. I wanted to get a picture of it, but it was already gone this AM.

    Today’s exchange?
    “What a wonderful life. I only wish it had ended sooner.”
    “You should’ve said that could be arranged.”
    “Hey hey my my, rock & roll will never die.”
    “Country is better.”


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