I never felt the desire till the music set me on fire

Bwahaha. So. It all started out innocently. I was looking around on iTunes for new songs to purchase. And of course, I started searching through 80’s collections, because… yes. And somehow I made the leap from iTunes to YouTube.

I was just watching old Tommy Page videos, like “A Shoulder To Cry On“.

Now? Now I’m watching the video for “North, South, East, West” by Rick Wes. Anyone else remember him? Hmm. I wonder if I had his stuff on cd or cassette… or if I could find it, for that matter.

A-hem. Anyway. Yes. I think this is gonna be a night lost in “let’s remember”. Might have to rummage through the old cassettes and see what gems I can find.

Bwahahah. Oh god, 80’s, how I miss you. <33333

ETA: MORE!! Dino!!! “I Like It

And I would be remiss if I didn’t link a couple videos from the band that all the previously mentioned artists opened for, in concerts I attended… New Kids! Hahah Oh nostalgia… Anyway. “Hangin Tough” and one of my faves, “Please Don’t Go Girl“. Hee!!

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